Blogging with Nadia Amukwelele

Hi, my name is Nadia, an aspiring writer and entrepreneur. Born in Namibia, now live in South Africa and proudly African. What an amazing continent we live in! Africa is rich with its diversity of languages and cultures with so many natural resources. I dedicate this blog to my mentor and coach Lesley Wentworth, who continues to encourage me to learn and dream big. She has inspired me to think outside the box and start this blog. To the rest of the world, I invite you to explore Africa with us and to my fellow African let us share our colourful continent with the rest of the world!

I look forward to having you on my blog. Let’s engage, collaborate and build Africa…
Check out the posts, videos, photos and many, many more interesting features that will follow…

Feel free to contact me for any collaboration, together we can paint a great picture of Africa.

Let us explore Africa and enjoy the ride together