A Year of Executing Dreams…2019

I trust you all enjoyed the holiday with family and friends.  I am happy to have you here! It’s the beginning of the year, the best time to reflect on the previous year and set new goals for the year ahead. The million-dollar question is, what are your goals for yourself and for your country? What are you planning to achieve in 2019 both yourself and for your country? This is the best time to plan your life and make a difference. If you don’t plan, you are planning to fail. I have been doing planning on my own too. I have discovered an awesome way of working and traveling but first, I want to share with you what has been in my heart for people who have been struggling to deal with the naysayers.

We live in a world full of distraction, haters and sorts.  I once read a statement “Don’t Ever Wrestle with a Pig, you will both get dirty, but the pig will enjoy it and you won’t”. This statement has taught me to focus on the positive things in life. Avoid negative thoughts, people and energies. Make it a priority not to listen to every dog that barks but be mindful that it’s a distraction. The place and level you are at, you were meant to be there irrespective of the daily treatment you receive, be happy in all situations and always seek peace.

Select the right people in your life who will mentor and usher you towards your goals. Set goals, write them down and work towards that. Ask yourself how can I better my life? Remember your life is your responsibility.

So back to my cool idea of working and traveling- the one thing I would like to change in 2019 and that is work from anywhere in the world every month even if it is just a weekend. Are you one of those people who wish you could work from anywhere in the world without changing your job? Well, I discovered Remote Year. You can do both work and travel, what an adventure… it is all about a group of inspiring professionals working from anywhere in the world. I like Sam and Greg’s concept, just my cup of tea, the desire to travel at least to a different country every month. Check them out

Stay connected with me and let 2019 be a year of executing dreams. Remember to send me your contributions as this is a platform where you can share your thoughts, whether you want to empower, provide leadership wisdom or tell us about your business at No Cost, our platform is free.  We believe collaboration is the key to many businesses. Africa is in your hands, lets leave a legacy for the next generation.

Sending Love, Peace and Prosperity…



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