2019- A Year to Serve

We spent too much time complaining. We expect our solutions to be brought by other individuals. We are always frustrated by them not hearing or understanding us. This should not be the case. There are so many good things that happen to us and we totally ignore them because the blessings are not in a form of what we asked for. We often stay bitter at how our lives are not taking shape and forget to help others get closer to their dreams. It is always the “I” before everything else. We wait till we are successful to donate to charity. We wait till we have abundant to give little to the needy. This ought to change and at Bhekizenzo foundation, we believe it starts with us.

Our programs are aim at empowering, and capacitating young people into productive citizens of South Africa. This is through our rigorous mentorship program, computer literacy program, coding program and leadership training program. We work with students in Diepsloot township.

Doing this program has been humbling. While our lives are still taking shape and we are constantly working to better ourselves- we find time to help others, an opportunity to help young people have a chance at being the best they can be.

While the credit can be due to the individuals who run the foundation- the credit is to the community that has opened up their doors to us and the learners who want to work with us. We have partnered with amazing people and business leaders. We encourage everyone to be leaders with servant hearts. We encourage everyone to do more good this year. Give a little, smile wider and love more- the world needs it.


Contact us on: phindile.ndlov2014@gmail.com

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