I am so happy you are here. Welcome to my blog with Nadia Amukwelele #MYAFRICA, the blog is aimed to promote Africa #ILoveMyCountry. It’s a platform for all, everyone can share something beautiful about their countries. We will be posting what Africa is all about, the opportunities that are here in Africa, our daily travels, experiences from different countries, cultures and business.

Expect a colourful blog from places to visit in Africa, African dishes, African attires, pictures to inspire, trade & investment articles. Entrepreneurs doing their thing…, our network of friends & associates and so much more. We all need to be contributors towards the economic growth in Africa by promoting investment opportunities in our countries, why not doing it in a colourful way



Trade & Investment

We have amazing leaders out there and our young people need your wisdom. Like they say “Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day.


Your product & services, produce your content and let us share it with the world.

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